Name: Alidu Al Hassan
Age: 14 years
Country: Mampong, Ghana
”I even have a girlfriend now”.
”It hurt when people laughed at me. I really wondered why only I looked like that. I thought maybe something happened during my mother's pregnancy, that she'd fallen or something.”

”Before my surgery, I was shy and uneasy around people. I always got asked a lot of questions, like: What's wrong with you? Why do you look like that? Where did you get that disease? They looked at me and laughed. But I went to school anyway. At first, all the other children were scared of me and didn't want to get too close.”

”Now I have a girlfriend, called Jennifer. We do things together, and she looks at me and smiles. I like her a lot.When I look at my face in the mirror today, it makes me happy. Nobody laughs at me anymore. I ask others what they think, and it's nice when they say, 'You look fine!’”