Name: Brian
Age: 1 year
Country: Jalisco, Mexico
"Without the surgery, our lives would've been very different"
Brian's mother Yasmin, 17:
"When Brian was born, I was very scared. I felt guilty because I thought I hadn't taken my vitamins properly. People said it was because of the full moon; that when the moon is full and red, you have to wear a red bow on your belly or attach safety pins to your trousers to protect yourself if you're pregnant. I was completely confused and didn't know what to believe."
"Later, I understood that none of it was true, and I've stopped feeling guilty. But many people don't know what this condition is. They think that we've caused it in some way."

Brian's father Leonardo, 24:
"I'm incredibly proud of my son. He was so brave before the surgery. I never believed it would turn out as well as it did, and now I'm so happy we never gave up trying to find a solution for Brian."
"Before, I was extremely worried that he'd be bullied and have trouble speaking properly. But everything's changed now."