Name: Jacqueline
Age: 31 years
Country: Philippines
"I'm happy to go shopping, now that I look good"
People are not nice to me. It's always been that way. They think there's something wrong in my head, because I have trouble talking with my cleft palate. Even my mother is unkind to me, she also says that I'm stupid. I did start school, but had to stop, it didn't work out because the others couldn't understand what I was saying. I'm glad that I have my three children, because I always felt lonely before. The children and I live with my mother and her partner. They treat me almost like a slave, always telling me what to do. I'm totally dependent on them. During the daytime I'm always in the house, washing and cooking. In the afternoon I get some time to play with my youngest, Jerome. We don't have any money, so we can't go anywhere else. But sometimes my mother tells me to go shopping, and I'm happy to now that I look good.